Roman Klarič

Director and partner

Area of expertise:

Developing competency models

The process of evaluating and managing an organization's performance

Coaching to help people reach their full potential (DNLA)

Talent management, succession planning, and career development

Developing modern organizational cultures

In 2002, he began his career as a business consultant. Prior to that, he worked in the computer industry in various management positions. He has worked as a director and senior consultant for Resultant d.o.o. (formerly HSC Skupina d.o.o.) since 2009. He is in charge of strategy, business development, sales, and marketing at Resultant. He counsels businesses on how to implement modern HR processes and adapt them to the demands of the digital economy. He is particularly interested in the study of organizational culture and how it affects business performance. He has a lot of experience in counseling, but his favorite role is as a personal coach who helps people develop their leadership and social skills.

He has been working on the following projects:

  • DARS - development of the competency model and key staff potential analysis using the DNLA System
  • SENG - Managing key individuals and talents
  • SAVA RE - Analysis of Key Staff Potential with the DNLA System
  • POŠTA SLOVENIJE - performance appraisal system / development of HR systems
  • SIJ GROUP – Managing Young Potentials/ key staff potential analysis using the DNLA System
  • STEKLARNA HRASTNIK - development of the competency model
  • LUKA KOPER - succession system and key personnel management