DNLA Expert System - methodology for determining an employee's potential

Employees' potential is the most important asset of an organization. DNLA programs are expert systems that assist human resource professionals in identifying and developing the potential of their employees.
Discover the natural latent abilities of your employees.

Numerous tools

DNLA's wide range of tools helps you profile the social competencies of your employees, their leadership competencies, and their sales potential.

Accurate assessment

Thanks to the DNLA Expert System's exceptional accuracy, it eliminates mistakes while evaluating the potential of your employees.

Comparison with the best performers

The system detects the completer's specific answer and compares it to the best in Europe in a comparable work environment. It identifies precisely which competencies an individual should develop in order to reach his full potential.

Wide international use

More than 100,000 comparative data points are used to analyse the results. The method is objective, legitimate, and reliable, and it can be found online in the variety of different languages around the world.

What do you get?

A thorough examination of the development level of leadership, sales, and social competencies.


Individual development solutions in order to address the challenges identified in the DNLA Potential Measurement.


Feedback on the DNLA results provided by a certified consultant.


By comparing participants, we can provide a customized analysis that fits your needs.


Integration of the results into other related HR processes.


Individual coaching on talent and succession planning using DNLA data.


Benefits of using the DNLA system

Low management costs

A computerized system makes measurement methods quick and simple, lowering the cost of managing your processes.

Error reduction in the evaluation of candidates

Unfortunately, superiors' opinions and judgments often lack objectivity, as the human aspect (and certain prejudices and biases) cannot be entirely eliminated in this type of process. Using the DNLA system significantly reduces these risks.

Simple process of development planning

With the DNLA tool, you can identify the key factors that help to empower and develop your employees. Training and personal development programmes are therefore more detailed and tailor made to the specific needs of each employee.

Identifying key challenges

Accurate analysis identifies the individual's true challenges and developmental needs, allowing you to target training only in critical areas. Therefore, the financial investment in training is significantly reduced.

Developing internal mentors, trainers and coaches

By using the DNLA system, you can quickly develop internal mentors and trainers/coaches, as well as internal training programs. As a result, you can extend your human resources programs without facing additional financial costs.

Multiple language options

DNLA is an international tool that supports all major European languages. It allows individuals to evaluate their potential in their native language. Organizations can on the other hand make reports in a number of different languages, too.

DNLA's extensive toolkit enables you to profile your employees' social competencies, management and sales potential.

DNLA Management Potential

The DNLA Management Potential identifies areas in which individuals deviate from the highest leadership standards across 25 important leadership factors. These factors are divided into three categories. These are leadership qualities, cooperation and consensus, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

DNLA Social Competencies

The DNLA Social Competencies is quite unique in comparison to other assessment systems. It provides an insight into how well an individual's potential has grown based on 17 key success factors, which are divided into four main categories. These are achievement dynamics, interpersonal relationships, commitment to success and stress capacity.

DNLA Sales Potential

DNLA Sales Potential is the process of measuring and developing sales potential. It has been developed to improve the performance of employees in sales, distribution, and marketing. It examines six key factors that are important in the sales process. These are building rapport, attention, analysis, offer, review, and closure.

DNLA feedback

Correct interpretation of the obtained results and the development of a detailed and practical personal development plan are essential parts of the DNLA measurement procedure.

It includes the following activities:
  • professional preparation for the interview,
  • reviewing and preparing analyses,
  • assessing an individual's abilities in relation to different competencies,
  • a roadmap of the necessary development,
  • reviewing the results in a face-to-face meeting,
  • review of the DNLA report,
  • an assessment of agreement,
  • determining the reasons for the current situation,
  • identifying key areas for improvement,
  • review and approval of the development plan.
The process is conducted in line with DIN 33430 standards, which ensure that accredited consultants and candidates are fully informed of the procedure and receive appropriate assessments and feedback.

Competent employees are the key to a company’s success.

The DNLA Expert System provides extensive professional support for the following human resource processes:
  • Talent identification and development
  • Attraction and selection
  • Succession planning systems
  • Developing teams and teamwork
  • Training and personal development programmes
  • Mentoring system
Slovenia is only a very small country compared to other European nations. However, on the 'DNLA map' Slovenia is very large and much more important than other countries. This is also thanks to our partners Roman Klarič and Primož Bitenc. We have been working very successfully with both of them for many years in numerous projects. Together we have supported many companies and people in their development. We highly appreciate Roman and Primož professionally and with their qualities as consultants. In addition, the collaboration is also very enjoyable on a human level.

With the relaunch and the new company 'Resultant', the next chapter of a joint success story now begins. We are very much looking forward to this and wish everyone and the entire company 'Resultant' a lot of success and good and valuable projects.

Kindly yours,

Klaus Haddick
Managing Director
and Owner DNLA GmbH

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