DNLA Sales Potential

DNLA Sales Potential is defined as the process of identifying, assessing, and enhancing sales potential. It was created in order to increase the performance of employees in the sales, distribution, and marketing sectors of the organization.

It examines six fundamental aspects that are vital in the sales process. Building rapport, attention, analysis, offer , review, and closure are the stages of the process. As a result of our extensive experience, we have discovered that the most common mistake when developing the sales representatives is to concentrate solely on strengthening their sales methods and product knowledge.

On the other hand, DNLA's Sales Potential measurement Tool examines employees and applicants in depth regarding their personal characteristics necessary to close a successful sales transaction. Since it adapts the soft skills required to be(come) a successful salesperson in every industry, it is an excellent supplement to the Social Competencies assessment.

What are we measuring?

The DNLA Sales Competencies measure six fundamental aspects of the sales process:
  • Rapport
  • Attention
  • Analysis
  • Quote
  • Review
  • Closure
The DNLA Sales Potential is the optimal complement to the DNLA Social Competencies Analysis of your sales staff.

What reports do we provide?

After the measurement procedure, we can provide the following reports:
  • Employee Evaluation
  • Structured interview for the superiors
  • Individual development plan
  • A list of development areas and programs

Field of application

The DNLA system produces high-quality reports of an individual that can be used:
  • When recruiting new sales staff
  • In the development of your sales staff
  • As part of training or personal coaching
  • To help you analyze the performance of your sales teams